Małgorzata Starzec-Proserpio PT, PhD

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

I have graduated from University of Physical Education in Cracow and Warsaw. Additionally I have completed 1 year Physiotherapy program at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. After four years of PhD studies in 2020 I have defended my doctoral thesis at Medical University of Warsaw.
I was gaining my experience both in Poland and abroad: in Czech Republic, Tenerife and in the centers for treating pelvic disorders in Oslo, Norway. I went twice to Canada, where I got the possibility to learn in leading research and clinical centers specializing in the study and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, with particular emphasis on persistent pain disorders (including dyspareunia and vulvodynia). I have received numerous post-graduate trainings in women’s health physiotherapy: pelvic floor rehabilitation, soft-tissue and manual therapy, electromyography and ultrasound assessment.
Since 2016 I work as a women’s health physiotherapist in leading health care settings in Poland: St. Sophia Specialist Hospital in Warsaw and sexology clinic Lew-Starowicz Therapy Center, delivering high quality care through every stage of a women’s life and multidisciplinary therapy for pelvic pain conditions like endometriosis and vulvodynia. I enjoy merging my clinical work with science, engaging in research activities surrounding women’s health. I speak Polish, English and Italian.

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Physiotherapy functional diagnostics
Pelvic floor palpation examination
Surface electromyography
Education and modification of daily living activities
Manual and soft tissue therapy
Elements of visceral therapy
Sono-feedback, sEMG-biofeedback
Movement patterns re-education
Electrical stimulation
Alternative methods


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I meet my patients at:

St Sophia’s Specialist Clinic
(Centrum Medyczne “Żelazna“ - Przychodnia Specjalistyczna św. Zofii)

ul. Żelazna 90, 01-004, Warszawa
22 255 99 00

Lew-Starowicz Therapy Center
(Centrum Terapii Lew-Starowicz)

ul. Nowogrodzka 62 c / lok 42, 02-002, Warszawa
22 255 70 56
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